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Previous Years


Round 1 -  28/2/16


We made the short trip to Palatine to take on Blackpool B , Preston B and Garstang A. We completed strongly against a Preston side who swam a division B last season and a Garstang squad who finished just above us last season . Overall finishing 3rd on 111 pts , 30pts clear of Blackpool. Some great swims particularly from first timers to the microleague 


Round 2 - 19/3/16


We made the long trip to Colne for an early evening swim. Despite being unable to field a full squad and a few DQ';s we again performed really well against a strong Prescot squad who boasted several swimmers who made the countys this year. Again finishing 3rd on 101 pts just behind Lytham and ahead of Colne.


Round 3 - 17/4/16- We made our Final away trip to Prescot. Again we had to forfeit a few races because of a depleted squad but the squad performed really well ending on 103 pts and its was noticeable that our performance improved from last fixture with several very close races with Prescot and Leyland, finishing well clear of Blackpool.


Round  4 18/6/16 - Our home Gala - it was great to see our newbies swimming in our B squad and gain some valauble experience. Another consistant 3 place with 109 points and we may well have pinched 2nd if we had been able to fill our relay and 9 year old swims well done all.


A BIG WELL DONE though to all the Mircoleague swimmers who took have taken part this season and again swam fantistically against clubs who have much larger memberships and have the benefit of the 25m pool and blocks.


We should all be rightfully proud of how you perform. The training and practicing that you do each and every week does show . We performed consistanly all season and without the missing swims may well have finished a little further up the league with  less than 40 points separating us and Garstang who finished 4th overall.

Particular congratulations to Natasha Leigh,Ellie Mullins and Amelia Beaty who all made the top 10 girls this season - a great effort . Also the 12 year old Girls relay squad who ranked in the top 10. 




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